Online Specials

As many of you know, my focus in my human practice for a very long time has been posture. I KNOW that in order to bring you long term correction I have to change the reason most of your spines get misaligned in addition to correcting the misalignments. I look at all my monthly trade magazines, all the booths at the chiropractic seminars and even regularly search the net for products that improve a person's posture. My problem with virtually all the products I review is that they are either so uncomfortable that people won't use them or they actually promote spinal weakness and worsen posture! (by holding you in the correct posture with braces and such that take the place of the muscles that you are supposed to be using to hold yourself up.)

Recently, I found a product that feels good to use AND quietly strengthens your core muscles. You'll use it at work, at leisure and even in the car. When I found them, I immediately put them at my kids homework desks, our work desks at the office and home computer desks.

I call this wonderful device my Posture Coach. I wish I'd invented it but I didn't. Anyway, It's my online special because I really think they are great and want to entice you have one. I have one in the reception room of my office that you're welcome to try. They are normally $50.00 but if you mention that you saw my online special on my website I'll sell you one for $40.00 for a limited time.