Fat Loss Program

Body Composition Analysis (BCA)

Our Body Composition Analysis is a non-invasive (no needles) painless, accurate (rated #1) test that measures a multitude of very important values regarding what your body is made of, and then compares them to what the optimum YOU should and could be.

Better than that, it then draws a concise simple map to take you there. A high tech bio-impedance machine, is tied to an incredible bio-mathmatical software program. It calculates a specific diet and exercise program tailored to your specific lifestyle, and unveils for you without question, what YOU personally need to do to reach your genetic optimum.

The program is so customizable that you can dictate a program to it that fits into your lifestyle - instead of you trying to adapt your lifestyle to fit it!

What would you look like if your body was made of exactly what it should be without excess fat? The right amount of muscle, water and fat (an amount is essential) and connective tissue for you personally. Would your body perform better? How about if your tissues were fed just the right amount of carbohydrate, protein and fat necessary to regenerate and rebuild. Would they be better quality? Would they stand up to environmental stresses better? Would you look more attractive? The answer is YES!

Fad Diets

Have you ever looked at someone who recently lost "weight" and looked worse! Since "weight" is composed of muscle as well as fat, contemporary health care wisdom targets loss of "excess fat" instead of just "weight". Kooky fad diets lack the proper science to "muscle spare". Since muscle is what consumes calories, we need a fair amount of it to keep any excess calories from becoming excess fat. Don't kid yourself, fad diets are a "suckers bet"

My common sense Body Composition Analysis uses sound science to assure healthy, attractive results. Remember, the question is not what you weigh but what is the composition of your weight. A person could be three hundred and fifty pounds and fit as a fiddle. On the other hand someone half that weight might be obese! Get It?

It's Not what you weigh, It's what you're made of.

What You Get With The Test

  • Your percentage of body fat.
  • Your pounds of body fat.
  • Optimum of each for your height and age.
  • Percentage of Lean Body Mass (muscle and connective tissue).
  • Optimal ratio of fat to muscle and the recommended amount of each for your height and age.
  • Body water analysis. (If your child had been "purging" this can help us to tell).
  • Basil Metabolic Rate (BMR).
  • Optimal fat loss goal (if appropriate).
  • Goal weight and composition range.
  • Recommended daily caloric intake.
  • Specific customized meals plans designed to reduce your body fat and increase lean muscle mass.
  • Specific customized exercise plan. Want bigger muscles or concerned because you don't? We can customize the program to make you look like you want to look, and the good news is you'll be healthy inside too.
  • and much more

When you are ready to make your body it's best, call and schedule a "BCA"